How could we create stunning Talent Acquisition Platforms without our development team? Indeed, we couldn’t! This department is a melting pot of brilliant inventors and Star Wars fans all dedicated to creating the best of the best.

Regular meetings

All developers meet regularly in front- and back-end developer meetings. Knowledge sessions and in-house training are organised frequently. One or more developers present a subject to all other developers or to whomever the subject applies.

Code reviews

The quality of the code that is delivered is very important. Code reviews are therefore a common practice within the teams. Not a single day goes by without new technologies, techniques or procedures being proposed or introduced.

The teams

The development department consists of multiple teams, each with their own specific tasks and projects. Let’s take a look.

Development teams

Our development teams consist of front- and back-end developers, a project manager and team-lead. The client-facing teams create their websites in WordPress or CSB, our own React-based framework, and deal mainly with Talent Acquisition Platforms. Accessibility and usability are valued highly within these teams. Usually, a team deals with a new project every month. It is worth mentioning that we’re going to great lengths to definitively move away from WordPress as our (main) platform.

Product teams

And that’s where the product teams come in. Their assignment is to create platforms that the client-facing teams can use to develop their websites on. They also build ATS central, our RESTful API that connects and unifies the various applicant tracking systems our clients use. The product teams have the same composition as the client-facing teams.

R&D team

The R&D team’s responsibility is to create reusable features for all previously mentioned teams and to assist teams where needed.

Development management team

All teams are steered by the development management team and helped out by the DevOps team, a dedicated tester and a security expert.

Other jobs at Endouble

Team Development

Arnis - Back-end Developer - Endouble
Back-end Developer
Bruno - Front-end Developer - Endouble
Front-end Developer
Daniel - Front-end Developer - Endouble
Front-end Developer
Dimitrios - CTO - Endouble
Gerard - Security Specialist - Endouble
Security Specialist
Gianluca - DevOps - Endouble
Guido - Security Specialist - Endouble
Security Specialist
Jakub - Chief Information Security Officer - Endouble
Chief Information Security Officer
Jeroen - VP of Engineering - Endouble
VP of Engineering
Karin - Back-end Developer - Endouble
Back-end Developer
Koen - Front-end Developer - Endouble
Front-end Developer
Laura - Front-end Developer - Endouble
Front-end Developer
Michele - Back-end Developer - Endouble
Back-end Developer
Nicolas - Front-end Developer - Endouble
Front-end Developer
Rob - Tech Lead - Endouble
Tech Lead
Roland - Front-end Developer - Endouble
Front-end Developer
Roland O. - Developer - Endouble
Roland O.
Stanislav - Engineering Manager - Endouble
Engineering Manager
Stef - Front-end Developer - Endouble
Front-end Developer