HR & Office

The HR & office department not only takes care of you as a newbie, but is there for you whenever – or even before – you need them. From sourcing and onboarding to arranging healthy and warm lunches, they take care of it all!

HR team

The aim of the HR team is to make every employee happy. This team takes care of our Endoublers so they can focus on building/selling/promoting/securing our Talent Acquisition Platforms. With fast communication lines and a personal approach, they try to fix issues as soon as possible. Our employees don’t need to worry and can work at ease.

Office management team

This team is responsible for the well being of all Endoublers. They administrate your papers, make sure you are able to do your work properly, arrange your lunch and snacks, pay the bills and make invoices for the clients.

At the same time they register your working hours, make sure appointments are made and arrange the catering for parties and events. Probably half of their tasks were not even mentioned here. But anyway, a big applause for what our office heroes do!

Other jobs at Endouble

Team HR & Office

Hanneke - Office Manager - Endouble
Office Manager
Monique - Human resources - Endouble
Human resources