Welcome to the department where all client-facing disciplines come together. From Project Manager to Advertising Specialist and Designer; we all work hard to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients. Read more about each indispensable team in operations.

Online project management / Product |Owners

This team is responsible for the coordination of all Endouble projects. Keeping the customer at the center of everything they do is key, and yes budgets also have to be managed tightly. Our project managers are king in multitasking. We often see them making phone calls and running around. The framework we utilise for our project management is Scrum. We strongly believe in agile development. Our product owners convey the right vision to the complete team.

(UX) Design

Before any developers or online specialists even get started, we need a design for the website first. When it comes to the field of usability and interaction, our designers are the specialists! They come up with creative conversion-driven concepts and create beautiful and functional designs. Our UX designers start a project with the creation of personas and user journeys. Then they know how to turn this into a wireframe for the website. We base our wireframes on analytics data to make sure all pages will add value. The final design is the start of building and optimising another new website!

Online specialists (SEA, SEO, content, Analytics & data analysis)

For this team the real work starts when new career platforms are born. You can launch a great website but without the right content or visitors, it won’t succeed. This team provides SEO proof and persuasive content to attract, inform and convince visitors. By creating effective target group based advertising campaigns we attract visitors through the right advertising channels. All of this is monitored through web analytics; the starting point in advising our clients.

Data security

Working with recruitment data means working with vulnerable data. We take security and privacy very seriously. Of course we don’t want any CV to end up in cyberspace. Therefore our data security experts work with all teams to make sure that data privacy is secured. They are doing some serious secure business, for sure.

Service desk coordination / support

This is the epicentre of Endouble where all websites are maintained after go-live. Team Support keeps the clients happy by answering questions, fixing bugs and updating the websites’ CMS and plug-ins. Our service desk coordinator works with several developers to keep our platforms up-to-date and running smoothly.

Other jobs at Endouble

Team Operations

Adonis - CSM Assistant - Endouble
CSM Assistant
Chee Ching - Designer - Endouble
Chee Ching
Corné - Analyst - Endouble
Iris O. - Project Manager - Endouble
Iris O.
Project Manager
Maxime - Head of Project Management and Design - Endouble
Head of Project Management and Design
Robert - Operations Manager - Endouble
Operations Manager
Ruby - Analytics Specialist - Endouble
Analytics Specialist