Strategy, sales & marketing

The strategy, sales & marketing department focuses on learning and growing with existing customers and creating new business by continuous product innovation.

Strategy & sales

The strategy team focuses on growing with customers and entering new areas through new business. World domination can only be obtained with a winning team of great minds.

The main goal is to stay in touch with the ‘on going’ customers and of course gain new customers and help them to identify ‘the why behind the hire’. On the other hand they develop new ideas & products, to stay on top of recruitment innovation for our customers, and most important: the applicants.


Obviously marketing and sales go hand in hand. Once the strategy and sales team have decided what to sell and which market to conquer next, the marketing team focuses on sales materials, PR, events and many more to help to sell the product.

Other jobs at Endouble

Team Strategy, sales & marketing

Berend - Manager Strategy & Business Development - Endouble
Manager Strategy & Business Development
Cécile - Online Consultant - Endouble
Online Consultant
Jasper - IT Business Analyst - Endouble
IT Business Analyst
Jeroen - Director Strategy & Business Development - Endouble
Director Strategy & Business Development
Kenichi - Chairman - Endouble
Rosalie - Marketing Manager - Endouble
Marketing Manager
Yuri - Head of Sales - Endouble
Head of Sales
Zsofia - Product Marketer - Endouble
Product Marketer