Welcome to beautiful amsterdam

The Endouble office is based in the vibrant area of Amsterdam Noord. The free ferry from Amsterdam Central station takes you on a relaxing mini cruise to the other side of the city. And then: cycle on!

We are bike capital of the world so you’d better learn fast how to cycle safely in the busy traffic of Amsterdam. We promise the ride to our office isn’t a boring one. When passing Noord’s waterfront and tasting the industrial and creative vibe you’ll be amazed by Amsterdam’s greenest neighborhood and its landmarks like the EYE museum and A’DAM Tower.

Reaching our office is fast and easy. And don’t worry. If you still happen to get lost you can easily ask Dutchies for directions, practically all of them speak English fluently.

Bike capital of the world

Most Dutchies speak English fluently

Extreme diverse population

What you might not know about the Netherlands yet:

  • We love to eat chocolate sprinkles on a sandwich;
  • We have an extremely diverse population. With almost 200 nationalities, Amsterdam is home to one of the widest varieties of any city in the world;
  • With over 20 million bicycles this country has more bikes than people;
  • These bikes are not only for show, we actually bike 900 kilometers a year;
  • With 450 people per square kilometer, we are the most densely populated country in Europe;
  • We drink the most coffee after the Scandinavian countries and invite you for one at the office!

Relocation package

Are you living abroad and moving to the Netherlands? Let us present Endouble’s relocation package. With over 15 different nationalities on board we know how to help you move here quickly and smoothly. We take care of:

Relocation fee - for a plane ticket, or your first days in Amsterdam? Your choice!
You need a visa? We have a hotline with the immigration office! Let us be your sponsor.
Bureaucracy. We know how to handle this. Just read our guide.
Immigration, Social Security Numbers, E-government, 30% tax ruling, healthcare insurance, banking information, internet, cell phones and a lot more!

HOW Endoublers experienced moving to the Netherlands

Arnis from Latvia

What impressed me first was the friendliness and spirit of teamwork through all layers in the whole company. The openness and relaxed approach to work and life. The vibe is super international as there are so many colleagues from all over the world.

I suddenly ended up with friends from many countries with very different past experiences, which opened an entire new horizon for me personally and professionally. Probably Amsterdam is the most ‘nicely’ city of the world. As half of the city’s population is international, and all with a great vibe of curiosity and openness to explore experiences, this is an incredibly interesting place to live in.

Back-end Developer